Mirror, mirror on the wall…


Did you know that every person you encounter acts as a mirror to you? With this in mind, you may begin to think quite differently about the people in front of you. What are they reflecting back?

As mirrors, those people you may find irritating, challenging and frustrating are actually reflecting back to you the very things about yourself which you want to improve, change and grow. Similarly, those things you admire and respect in others are certainly aspects of you as well – so it’s not all bad! Even events and situations highlight what you are currently learning. Although these observations may not necessarily be true of these people and situations, if it is your perception, then it is true to you and your learning.

Let’s take an example. Let’s say you are finding your boss overly critical and setting unrealistic expectations and deadlines.  This reflection indicates that you may be exhibiting these traits within your own life. Where are you being overly critical of yourself or setting unrealistic expectations and demands on yourself and your life? Or maybe you admire your best friend’s warmth, nurturing manner and strength. Be sure that these are traits you exhibit too – so look for where you offer these aspects in your life.

After all, every person is put in front of us as a teacher – there is always something to learn in every situation, to help you grow and advance along your path. Although not everyone you meet will be a soul mate, you can be sure your soul mates will mirror a great deal back to you. Regardless of whether someone is a soul mate or not, they will still act as a mirror and their reflections can be extremely insightful and revealing.

Try this approach as a tool to identify what you are currently learning. Make a list of the people (whether a permanent person in your life or someone you pass in the street who strikes a response in you) and list the things you admire about them, as well as what may challenge you. Then try applying these observations in the broader aspect of your life. You may just be surprised at what you learn!

Helen Jacobs

Psychic intuitive life coach and writer Helen Jacobs (nee Thomas) created The Little Sage after following her own intuition away from a successful career in PR, towards taking a chance on discovering her true life’s purpose. What followed was the unfolding of the very best version of her life and self – marriage, motherhood and a successful business – all built on the strength of Helen’s own unique offering to the world.

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