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CLAIRE’S CHALLENGE: Week Three Results – Clearing emotions

This week’s task was simple and took no more than 20 minutes, however the benefits definitely outweighed the time put in. I was required to emotionally clear out by writing a letter to someone past or present, or even to myself. I had to write about my fears, worries and doubts to help clear out any old, unwanted negative energy and emotions.

I found myself home alone one night, so decided that was the best time. I ‘set the mood’ by putting on some nice music and lit a couple of candles. From outside, it would have looked like I’d been stood up on a date!

I chose to write the letter to myself. I thought this might also help with some of the negative self talk I blogged about last week. I started the letter with beautiful handwriting and listed my fears, doubts, worries and negative thoughts. However, on my second page the writing became more furious, messy and seemed to come from nowhere. I just wrote and wrote. I think the process was made easier as I knew I was going to destroy the letter straight after I wrote it. It was not going to stay in a journal where someone might stumble across it. So, I threw caution to the wind and wrote every worry I have ever had – some which I have never spoken aloud – culminating in a four-page letter.

At the end of the letter (although I didn’t initially plan on doing this) I wrote positive affirmations. I noticed at this stage my writing became even more furious and my handwriting actually changed. I can’t be sure, but I have a feeling I may have experienced ‘automatic writing’, which I’m sure I will cover in an upcoming challenge; but essentially it is where you switch your mind off and your spirit guides write to you.

At this stage of the exercise I didn’t really have too many emotions after writing everything down – to be honest, I just felt how I normally felt. I didn’t read over my letter, I didn’t want to rehash the negative talk but I do remember what I wrote.

Then, I went into the kitchen and lit the letter on fire. A word of caution: don’t light the letter on fire in your kitchen! This was not one of my finer moments and the billowing smoke filling the kitchen burning my eyes, and the barking dog did not help. Regardless, while the letter was burning I really did feel a slight sense of ease. Although I felt a little better after the letter was burnt, I can’treport any utstanding side-effects or feelings of major breakthrough – yet.

Over the following days, I encountered people and scenarios that would have ordinarily made my worries paramount in my mind… but these fears just weren’t there. The thoughts may have briefly flashed in my mind, but that was it. I didn’t dwell on them. No negative talk. Nothing. I put this down to what I wrote to myself at the end of the letter, which was something along the lines of: “The past is the past. Don’t let those experiences or negative thoughts rule your mind in the present. Look at each day with fresh eyes, mind and heart”. It’s not meant to be poetic or ground breaking, but it worked for me.

After these few weeks of challenges, I really do feel the clearing out has made a huge difference for me. I laugh more. I am happier, lighter and more positive. How did everyone go this week? If you didn’t get a chance to try along, maybe try it this weekend. It is really easy and time effective.

Just before I finish this post, I have yet another really strange example of how the universe works in mysterious ways. As I mentioned in my last post, I attended a leadership course at work last week which actually encouraged us to do a task very similar to the one Helen was setting me. In the course, we were asked to write ourselves a postcard with a message for ourselves. The postcard would be sent to us in a month or so. The message I wrote to myself was much the same as the positive affirmations I wrote at the end of my letter for this week. (Maybe these were still with me, maybe coincidence?). Anyway, I found it interesting that the universe again was working in line with me and helping me to achieve the tasks, reinforcing this was something important for me to do.

NEXT WEEK’S CHALLENGE: Now that you’ve done a lot of clearing out at the physical, mental and emotional levels, it’s time to focus on a spiritual or energetic clearing out. We’re going to be looking at your chakras and using meditation to help clear and balance them. Using a Chakra Cleansing Meditation CD by Doreen Virtue, you are to practice the meditations each morning and night for a week and record your progress.


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