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CLAIRE’S CHALLENGE – 2011 wrap up

It’s amazing how quickly this time of the year rolls around and I know we say it each year, but this year went so quickly. It seems as though 2011 was a huge year for so many people. Since writing these blog posts it’s been amazing how many people email, message, come up to tell me “I have experienced that!” or “I am going to follow my intuition!” or even as simple as “I have been practicing cleaning out/meditating/releasing draining energy each day”. What’s been most exciting about the feedback from my posts is the support of new friends and total strangers who contact me to say congratulations or good luck or keep me updated! It seems as though even if you go through a huge change, as scary and upsetting as it may be, you have unconditional support – and most surprisingly from those who you wouldn’t expect. Read more »

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CLAIRE’S CHALLENGE: Another week, another reading

This week I read for a volunteer who is a friend of mine, someone I see maybe once a month and know fairly well. Although we know each other fairly well, I didn’t know the minutia about this person, I just know the basics such as work, relationships, hobbies etc.

I met with this friend recently and without giving too much away – as I wanted to provide the results all together – I said that I was quite amazed as the information I got very clearly about their work situation was not matching how they spoke about work. It was almost reassuring in a way to know that I wasn’t just rattling off what I knew about the person, but rather, what I was receiving.

I think this week went fairly well; I got some good hits and a couple of misses.

This was quite a long reading, so I have cut out some information that was repetitive, or symbolic pictures I saw that made sense to the volunteer. Also, I cut out a few names I received that didn’t make sense to the volunteer (but want you to know it wasn’t all smooth sailing).

Firstly, the volunteer provided me with quite a few names and photographs and I was very drawn to one photograph in particular in addition to only wanting to read for them. I felt it was important they got information about themselves.

Here is what I got for the volunteer (what I received is in bold, with the results in italics):

You current job/arena is not where you will end up.

This is interesting. I do feel like I am in the right arena at the moment but I suspect my job and clientele will change a few times in the coming years.

Stressful – office, work, the clientele is not/will not work for you. Although it’s satisfying, it’s not healthy.

This makes a lot of sense to me – it is a rewarding yet emotionally draining 9-5 routine.

Feel you’ll end up doing art and writing. Art is cathartic for you and will not only be something you enjoy but it will be a release and healthy for you.
I had considered a career in art before I went to university but I decided to keep it as a pastime. I’ve never really been drawn to writing as a career. I have started a blog so perhaps this is writing Claire mentioned. Art being cathartic – I know this to be true!  I’m trying to dedicate more time to developing my art.

See me? We’ll work together, stay friends. Feel like there’s a partnership down the line. Not for a while.
How exciting!  I have always found a genuine connection with Claire and I and would be delighted to work with her in the future! EDIT – this was not me trying to tee up future work for myself!

Moving away for a while? Melbourne?
I’ve no immediate plans to move but might be on the job hunt again in July.  There are a lot of opportunities in Melbourne in my particular field of work so I wouldn’t rule out relocating in Australia or abroad.

You’ve experienced mediumship. You brushed it off as coincidence, but it wasn’t that. Feel you need to explore this more. Healing. Writing. Workshops. Angel Cards. Be in nature more.
I don’t recall this incident but I certainly would have brushed it off.  I was sceptical about psychics and mediumship until I turned to a psychic for life direction a few years ago.

Body care. Take care of yourself more. Eating habits.
Ugh. I know.

Sadness around one of your housemates.
One of my housemates has had a tough year and I have spent a lot of time with her providing hugs and cups of tea.

I then pulled three angel cards:  BODY CARE, DIVINE TIMING, RETREAT.

Body care as discussed above. This is adding to how you feel mentally – drained and tired. Food is medicine. Try seeing a naturopath.
Got it.  Lately I’ve been operating on caffeine and sugar.  I’ve (unsurprisingly) put on quite a bit of weight recently.

Waiting for the right moment. Related to work. It will be blindingly obvious when it’s time to move on. Meditation/writings will help you with this.
That’s good to hear.  Helen and another psychic also told me that the opportunity will come to me.

Rough year – very taxing. Through the worst now.
It certainly was! This year I endured a lot of job-related stress before I found my current position. I suffered from severe depression and I was in hospital for a while. I’m so pleased to hear the worst is over!

Need time by yourself. Go away. Montville/Maleny – be in nature. Healing. Walk. Write. Something profound will happen. The answer you’ve been looking for.
I’d enjoy going away for a while. I tend to pack a lot into my week so time to myself will be terrific.

Travel important. May not be soon but next trip will be important to you. Meet someone/have a ‘moment’ that puts you in right direction.
Travel has always been very important to me and I make an effort to go abroad at least once a year. I expect that I’ll go overseas again in July or at the end of the year.

Strong family presence. Very close with one brother in particular. Feel it’s younger one. He needs you as much as you need him. Be there for him in the next year.
I am incredibly lucky to have a very close family. I love both my brothers dearly but I spend more time with my younger brother because we have very similar interests. I’ll make sure to look out for him in the New Year.

Man coming. Older. Huge significance in your life. Will get you to think differently about things. More spiritual and open to this area than other men around you. This is good for your purpose and lessons. Don’t be put off by other’s opinions.  Feel like you’ll meet him through some type of class. It won’t be a ‘love at first site’ thing. You’ll have a conversation that interests you and will go from there. Is he from overseas?
Nice!  I’ve been told by Helen and another psychic that they see a man from overseas in my life.  Both Helen and the other psychic nominated the same timeframe for this – the later part of this year. Helen also said he would be cultured and sophisticated.  This is the first mention of him being older. Silver fox? EDIT – I don’t think he is THAT old haha

I then started (unintentionally) to do some automatic writing:

Take care of yourself. Don’t go partying too much.
Yeah, I know. I’ve been running myself into the ground a bit lately with partying.

Need time to forgive and let go.
I’m not sure what this refers to.  Perhaps a close friend with whom I’ve had a long and trying history?

Stay away from judgmental people. They’re nice people but not healthy for you.
This is interesting. I still see a lot of my friends from different groups but I’ve recently branched out and made a lot of new, fantastic friends.  I feel much better for it – but that’s no reflection on my other friends.

Time to be choosy with friends and events. You are your main priority.
I tend to over commit to events and often attend several events in a day.  This makes sense.

Nourish yourself with food. Need to heal more. Slow down. It will take time.
I understand this.  I’ve always put a lot of pressure on myself and lately I have been frustrated with the time it is taking to recover from my depression.

You should try ‘automatic drawing’ like the surrealists did – you will have healing/answers through this.
I’ve been meaning to try this!

I was then drawn to a particular photograph which was of a large family. I was drawn to an elderly couple in the photograph, and in particular, the male in the couple who I knew had passed. EDIT – this is something I did not know about my friend.

Mum’s dad (granddad). Passed.
That’s right. My grandfather passed away in November 2007.

Breathing changed. Shallow breaths.
I spent time in hospital with my Grandfather when he died and it was awful to hear his breathing difficulties towards the end.  I can still hear them now.

Not a stroke.  He had a number of health problems, mainly concerning his heart.

Throat very tight and hurting. Hard to swallow.
See ‘shallow breaths’.

Feel as have something in back of throat.
Not sure – maybe this is to do with his breathing?

Ned? Nel?
My grandmother’s aunt was named Nell?  She was close to my mother’s family but there wasn’t any close connection with my grandfather.  She was a midwife and delivered my mother when she was born.

Stiff/frozen. Left side.
He had his leg amputated a few years ago.

Left side of face feeling numb/dull pins and needles.
Not sure about this.

Had stroke/problem and held on for a while but declined quickly. Was in hospital. Was it night/dusk when he passed?
He did decline quickly and passed away around 4:30am.

It was time. He was ready. Willing to go.
That’s right.  He had several close calls with death but knew this was his time.  He was very lucky to have the time for final goodbyes to his family.

Mum didn’t/isn’t coping with his passing. Tell her he’s fine. He’s happy and laughing and with Del?
Mum was very close to her father. I know she is still impacted by his death.

Very soft and caring but wouldn’t want to get in trouble with him.
He certainly was.  He was very much a strong patriarchal figure and was very dedicated to his family.

Died a year or so ago or started to decline around then.
He died in 2007!

Dog? See a rusty/honey colour dog about the size of a lab, but with shaggy/wiry hair.
My mother’s family had a Welsh Corgi. You’re right about the rust colour though!

So there you have it. I think it was a pretty good reading! Interestingly, I actually did initially feel the granddad passed due to a problem with his heart, but because I felt sensation on my left side (which I now realise was due to an amputation) I ‘guessed’ it was a stroke. I have done this before (with Helen advising me not to) in another post where I very strongly felt something but ‘guessed’ it as something else. Sorry Helen, I will listen to your advice from now on and no longer guess, but just say what I get!

Thank you to my lovely friend who allowed me to publish these results – I hope I have helped in a minor way!

I have about a handful of practice readings left – so hang in there to those who are waiting (who I have emailed to confirm a reading). It won’t be long now J

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CLAIRE’S CHALLENGE: How unpredictable!

How unpredictable. This week I did really well in a practice reading. In fact, I would almost say it’s the best I’ve done or at least tying for the best!

I sent off my email with results to the volunteer as per usual – nervous of the outcome – and I received this email back:
“Wow, Claire – that is so incredibly spot on – I can vouch for at least 90% of it. It’s consistent with what has happened already this year and what Helen has foreseen… Thanks again, Claire. This was very, very accurate …”

Cool – off to a good start! The volunteer provided both a photograph of herself and a photograph of a book they had written. Please note, the book did not have any information on the front cover that I could read into!

Below is exactly what I got for the volunteer (who I do not know and have never heard of):

  1. Very spiritual, if not at the moment – you will look at/need to look at further developing this.
  2. I see you attending a writing camp/course somewhere
  3. Your book has a sad undertone but a peaceful outcome – excellent book for healing
  4. See you speaking at a lectern about the book. Book reading?
  5. See this book will help in healing people
  6. You have something you’re itching to tell (maybe in a book) but you’re not sure how it will be perceived. Go for it!
  7. Feel like you’ll become big within a certain genre – healing/guidance?
  8. Feel isolated?
  9. Feel like your writing will manifest into something bigger. I see you hosting a camp/workshop (maybe what I saw you at earlier) which will be very successful.
  10. You have met someone who will help this happen. Partnership?
  11. Very determined and head-headed and will make the right choice.
  12. Follow signs/intuition. You’re being shown signs. I keep seeing a train station and a billboard?
  13. Keep seeing a talk show. I don’t think it’s yours but you’re being interviewed. Regular guest.
  14. Do you speak another language? I feel like this talk show is in another country.
  15. Keep hearing the word Italian?
  16. Someone ‘above’ you (either working for you (although that doesn’t make sense with ‘above’) – I feel like they give you advice or someone in a team who would do this) in relation to the book is not giving you correct information. Not in a malicious way – they simply don’t know any better. Inexperience? Bad research? Laziness? There will be a shift in relation to this. You’ll move away from them.
  17. Travel a lot.
  18. Very admired by people.
  19. Hold yourself in a very professional, respectful manner that people respond to well.
  20. Seeing mobile phone – be cautious. Hacking? Losing it? With important emails and information on it. Be careful!
  21. Need to work out a solid plan for this book and upcoming books. Publicity, structure, budgets etc. Positive affirmations. This will be a healing process for you too.
  22. Ignites a sense of wonderment for you and some readers. Child-like and fun.
  23. This book is taking a negative theme and making it into a fun positive experience.
  24. Very successful.
  25. Feel like either a lot of book or many to come.
  26. Very business savvy – this will roll into something big – opportunities to speak at events, teach others.
  27. Hearing teaching. This book will be used as a teaching tool? At schools? With kids?

This information came to me very clearly and very quickly. I didn’t have any breaks to re-gather my thoughts. It came so easily. I could very clearly see pictures of things as well and hear words very clearly. Interesting!

Here is the feedback from our lovely volunteer:

  1. Yes, I am very spiritual with a strong Christian faith. Both times I’ve ‘met’ with Helen she has drawn the ‘intuition’ card and likewise, has said I need to keep working on this.
  2. Helen said the same thing – she thought it might be something to do with me further discovering spirituality and/or finding a new direction for my writing i.e. shifting into writing on this topic rather than my fiction.
  3. Correct again. My latest novel is about death, grief and loss, based on circumstances in my life, but the final message is one of hope and renewal.
  4. I’ve done a lot of public speaking this year, which is interesting as I used to have a terrible fear of it. To date, I’ve mostly been speaking about writing generally and being an independent author. Helen also said she saw me doing a lot of public speaking.
  5. I hope so – if my writing could help others with healing, that would be very satisfying and rewarding.
  6. Helen said the same thing. I believe this is possibly about spirituality and God. Others in my family don’t understand or acknowledge the spirit world (but I KNOW it exists), so they do tend to think of it as a foible. Since I grew up in a non-Christian environment also, I’m not yet comfortable talking about God and Christianity – only my husband really knows how complete my faith is. Thanks for your advice, I will go for it!
  7. Helen said the same thing.
  8. Spot on. Helen said the same thing. I live overseas with my husband. I am very independent and private, and don’t tend to need people (except my husband). HOWEVER in recent times I’ve felt disconnected from my family.
  9. A series of workshops on writing have been proposed already for 2012!
  10. I’ve had meetings with people in a couple of government departments to discuss this. You’re doing great, Claire!
  11. Yes, ‘dogged determination’ and ‘relentless’ tend to be used to describe me. J Since meeting Helen earlier in the year, I’ve listened more intently to messages I was seeing all around me, but did not want to trust them because of doubt – were they really signs from my spirit guides? Subsequently I’ve learned that I do not need to control every aspect of my life – I let it happen now and I trust and believe.
  12. This is so true (see above!) I need to work harder though at being aware 100% of the time and not just intermittently then I think I will really be able to move forward on the path I am to follow.
  13. Is it Oprah? (just kidding).
  14. I speak some French. Helen has said at both readings this year that our next move would be to Europe, “somewhere she has visited”, perhaps France or Italy – she could see us drinking wine and eating cheese – I like the sound of that!
  15. I’ll enrol in an Italian class just in case. Grazie.
  16. Could be a few people – I’ll keep this in mind and monitor.
  17. Yes, at least once a year to Europe with friends and usually back to Australia once a year (I’m currently living overseas).
  18. That’s nice to know.
  19. This is true – professionalism and being respectful are important values for me and everything I do is driven by this, plus integrity.
  20. OK, thanks. My husband is always warning me about having my iPhone stolen from my handbag (because I don’t zip it up). He sometimes steals it from my bag to prove his point. I’ll take more care.
  21. I am rather obsessive about planning – my husband says to the extent I usually have an awesome plan but execution is sometimes lacking. Being an author, I am naturally filled with doubt, but Helen has told me that my current book will have “huge success”, especially in Australia.
  22. I think this describes the main character in my next book.
  23. My next book which I am working on right this minute (well I was), also discusses death and mother-daughter relationships, but is much more fun and light-hearted (more chick-lit than literary fiction). Wow, Claire – you’re so good at this!
  24. That’s what Helen said.
  25. Helen’s comment was specifically about my current novel released this year. As mentioned though, I have another one being released next year.
  26. My background is in business and I held quite senior positions during my career before I ‘retired’ to start writing. I definitely use this knowledge and experience when it comes to the business side of being an author.
  27. I have written two children’s book which dealt with the death of a parent and a sibling. My goal was to help children understand grief and loss. Could be these books I guess, or another … anything is possible!

Phewf – so that’s everything. I am so pleased with my results! I also thought it was great that the volunteer could use her reading with Helen as a benchmark. I still find it so strange that I can do such a good reading and then do another reading and not have it as perfect… very interesting.

So thank you to this volunteer and the time and effort you put into the response. I honestly do see big things for you and I can’t wait to watch your journey unfold – think of me if you ever make it to Oprah!

PS – in a follow up email from this volunteer, she said she just saw a brochure in her mailbox for Italian wine. Salute!

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CLAIRE’S CHALLENGE: Mixed results with another reading

It happened again. Another reader of The Little Sage’s Scribe volunteered to provide me with some names to practice on and I received information about them…. but I didn’t pick up these people had passed. In fact, I wasn’t even close to that! I am so disappointed this week as I especially wanted to give a good reading… but I don’t think I did that.

Luckily for me, the volunteer said they could make sense of a lot of the symbols I saw (even if I couldn’t) but I don’t feel overly happy with the outcome. What is strange is that I actually know this volunteer personally. Albeit, we have not been in contact with one another for about 8 years or so – but perhaps I got a bit cocky thinking this would be easier than other ‘cold’ readings and didn’t focus as much? Whatever the reason, I was originally very disappointed.

To prepare for the reading, I went through the same process as usual – I grounded myself, protected myself and did some meditation. I started on the names provided. It’s strange, but seeing as I ‘know’ this person – it did not make things easier… in fact, I struggled to get information coming through.

For the first name I was provided, I received the following:

  • Understanding, aloof, can be a bit ignorant
  • It’s complicated
  • Inner turmoil
  • Disastrous
  • Common-place, common-life
  • Science à somehow this is related to you
  • You’re friends but with a romantic link

Ummm, how embarrassing. This was actually a grandparent who had passed – so clearly no romantic link there. Mortifying. Anyway, the volunteer luckily could make sense of this information in relation to their father (the name I was reading was actually the volunteer’s father’s father – still with me?). Through the volunteer’s feedback, they were able to make sense of what I was receiving and actually the word ‘science’ made sense to them, as both the volunteer and their father studied science (which I didn’t know)!

The next name I was provided, I quite clearly received the following:

  • Crazy (in a great way)
  • So fun and lively
  • Needs to slow down and smell the roses
  • Sense of entitlement
  • Time to grow up (not in a harsh way)
  • Peter Pan complex
  • Self-destructive
  • Piercings?
  • Red hair?
  • Saw someone who looked quite alternate and assume this was her (as described above)

Oh my god. I didn’t think I could get any worse. This was the volunteer’s late grandmother who definitely did not rock the red hair/piercing/alternative lifestyle. However, the strange thing is – this information made a lot of sense to the volunteer again in relation to the name I was provided. There were no direct hits to relate this information to the name; however the volunteer was able to relate this information to a situation which incorporated the name.

Another name was provided and I received the following:

  • Ostentatious
  • Incomprehensive
  • Surfing
  • Planes
  • Debonair
  • Good morals deep down
  • Traveler
  • Mistletoe
  • Incongruent
  • Movies
  • Creative

Ok, so at least I made no crazy calls there – but again the volunteer was able to make sense of these symbols and signs – particularly mistletoe (I found this to be a nice connection that made me smile).

For the final name provided, I received the following:

  • Quiet
  • Unsure of herself
  • Always looking for something better – this is ok!
  • Needs reassurance
  • Needs you to boost her up when she’s down
  • Silent operator

The information made sense to the volunteer; however there were no major hits.

I then recorded information for the volunteer which I got specifically for them. I pulled three angel cards which were: spiritual growth, harmony, meditation. I received specific information in relation to these cards which referred to the volunteer’s everyday life and their spirituality. I also received quite vivid information about a particular toxic person around the volunteer and was able to explain the person and their traits.

The volunteer was able to connect with this information – thank God!

So… definitely not my best work, but at least the volunteer could connect with some information. I don’t know what it is, but I can’t easily (read: can’t at all) determine when people have passed over, as seen in recent blog posts.

Looking over this post, I have come to the conclusion the information I received under each name was not about that person but from that person for the volunteer. When I look at it in that context it makes sense – it seems all of the information was about the volunteer (and not actual facts about those who have passed). I have also learnt that I can’t try to interpret all of the information I get, which is what I tried to do here. When I originally saw the feedback, I almost died with embarrassment but, re-reading through it, I see that I had interpreted it the wrong way and from the volunteer’s point of view it made sense.

I spoke with Helen about this (not the results – just that I was so off… hello romantic connection?) and she said it is not up to me to interpret the information and piece it together. The volunteer will hopefully understand, which in this case I think they did.

I also found an interesting ‘coincidence’ that this volunteer and I are going through quite a similar situation. We are heading in different career paths to what people expected of us, often with a lot of people questioning our choices (and sometimes, we question ourselves too). We are noticing differences between us and those who surround us – not necessarily in a bad way – just that we are perhaps learning different lessons and are focusing on a spiritual side. It is as though we are going through the same type of ‘shift’ and it was reassuring to hear someone else’s opinions and strategies for how they will enter this new chapter in their life.

So, thank you to the lovely volunteer who provided these names and who provided me with the most detailed and informative feedback. It is very much appreciated and I have also learnt a lot from you, so good luck and I look forward to seeing the exciting things you achieve in the future!